Hi, everyone! I’m Tes, the author. Thanks to @kam1l for adding my book. It launched today! I actually stumbled onto Framer by accident while reviewing a bunch of high fidelity prototyping tools (there’s a post on Medium). I instantly liked Framer: You can create anything you want in it, but you need to learn how to ‘code’ to use it (at least a bit, it uses CoffeeScript). I thought there was a need for a book that explains ‘all of it’, so I wrote it. (Thinking it would be able to finish it in ‘just a few months’ — If you ever plan to write a book: Double your estimated time.) Some details: • It’s in ePub format, for iBooks on Mac (or iPad, even iPhone), because it contains many videos. • The example projects (all 152 of them) can be opened *directly* in Framer: There’s a ‘Open in Framer’ button under most code examples. • The price for this first week is $69 (instead of $99) Some more details, e.g. about the upcoming ‘Live data’ addition, are in the mail that I’ve sent to the mailing list:
@cptv8 @kam1l With Framer Studio launching a new version, does the material in this book still apply? Will there be an update on the new auto-code feature?
@cleavatron The material still applies (all the code is still the same) but the book now obviously needs an update of the ‘A tour of Framer Studio’ chapter. 😃 And some changes to the tutorials, because it’s now easier to do some things (e.g. positioning a layer) – I’m already working on an update (the first of several: a big new ‘live data’ part will be added later this year)
@cptv8 Thanks for clarifying! I am holding back on upgrading to the new Framer because I'm still working through the book. So, is it safe for me to upgrade?
@cleavatron Oh, yes. I would absolutely upgrade. The new stuff (Auto-Code) is self-explanatory and will make things easier for you, while the code from the book will still work.
Wow, I was reading through early version of this book and it opened my eyes to some key things in Framer I couldn't reach by myself. I am designer and I didn't have any experience with working in code, but Framer and especially this book made it easier for me to showing off with my prototyping skills =) It's just more organized rather than youtube videos search. So if you want "to get framer" try this one. It will stay you motivated and wont be frustrating as looking youtube clips and live tutorial sessions.
thanks for your input in the community development!