Building Nexcast Part 1: Schooled by Silicon Valley

Part 1 of the journey building the podcast app and platform

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Brian SandersMaker@briansventures · CEO @nexcast - Podcast @buildingnexcast
Hi Hunters, we've been working on our podcast app (and podcast about creating it) for months now and are finally ready to share our journey. We have some interesting ups and downs so far and have 12 great episodes to start off with. We have a vision for what podcasting can be and we need the listeners and tech community to help guide us in creating it. The possibilities are endless and we are ready to build and iterate on what the community wants to bring podcasting into the modern age. Here's our podcast site Get on the waitlist for our beta at Get it on iTunes and give us a review there Tweet us some ideas and feedback on twitter @buildingnexcast or Facebook messenger Thanks!
Josh Muccio@joshmuccio · Host of The Pitch
@briansventures @buildingnexcast this is seriously good stuff. Let's talk. Not sure how you picked up the whole public radio narration thing so quick but I'm impressed.
Brian SandersMaker@briansventures · CEO @nexcast - Podcast @buildingnexcast
@joshmuccio Yeah let's talk for sure
Ben TossellHunterPro@bentossell · newCo
Notes: Part 1 of the epic journey in building the podcast app and platform, Nexcast, begins with a trip to Silicon Valley. Brian Sanders, the CEO and host of the show, travels to San Francisco to pitch his company for the first time ever. The pressure of this challenging start is heightened by visiting the headquarters of two of the biggest tech companies in the world, Apple and Facebook, and seeing what the team is up against.
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
I _loved_ Gimlet's Startup Podcast that followed their journey of creating their podcast, so if this is anywhere near as good then I'm in. Excited to give this a listen, and congratulations on the launch Brian! I'm looking to start up a podcast myself actually, so I've signed up for early access 👌
Brian SandersMaker@briansventures · CEO @nexcast - Podcast @buildingnexcast
@fredrivett thanks Fred! I think it's just as good in a different way 😜 we have no fancy editors or equipment but it is real and exposing and a lot of time and energy has been put in. Definitely an interesting ride!
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
@briansventures Ok so just finished listening! Overall the podcast is very well done, can tell you put a tonne of time into it. My attention was captured for the whole time. From everything I heard, it sounds like your challenge is how to nail something small. With such a big vision it can be tempting to do everything, but once you've nailed something small you can expand from there. Basically what @shaanvp said. All the best with it Brian, hope you can make it work 🙌
Brian SandersMaker@briansventures · CEO @nexcast - Podcast @buildingnexcast
@fredrivett yes exactly! Hopefully the community will guide us and we can focus on what they want and iterate on that