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If you would like to sign up for a Premium Plan use code "producthunt" for a 30% discount for the first 6 months. To use the discount, instead of using the normal payment page, while your are logged into the dashboard use this URL.
Hey Everyone! I'm the Co-Founder of BuildFire and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about us today. We are excited to be featured on Product Hunt :) BuildFire is an easy DIY mobile app creation tool for small businesses and organizations. Our platform is incredibly intuitive and takes no technical skills whatsoever. There are a ton of powerful features in our platform that help enhance communication between you and your audience. Selective Push Notifications would be a great example of how you can instantly communicate with anyone who has your app. While we have other features such as E-commerce to make online shopping easy and help drive additional business. I started the company while I was in college along with @NathanKeating to help people leverage the power of mobile apps and do it with zero hassle.
I'm a huge fan of the BuildFire platform - I've seen a load of the apps that have been created by small businesses and they look great. Just FYI - you can check out a load of the apps made through BuildFire's platform here:
BuildFire is one of the easiest app building platforms for businesses trying to get an app without the cost of a developer. Cool product and a great team behind it.
@fighto Thanks for the feedback Paul! The team is what makes all of this possible.
Excited to try this out!
@bwishen glad to hear! Would love to hear your feedback.