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#5 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2019
Builder is a new headless CMS with full visual drag and drop page building abilities. It’s easy to integrate into any site and you can even use your custom code components in the visual editor!
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Hi product hunt! I created after running web engineering at ShopStyle where I was always flooded with constant simple new page and content requests for the site. Even with a headless CMS the template updates needed were never ending, until I realized that flipping the experience and allowing a full drag and drop page builder that can connect to any site was the true solution to operate so much faster and more efficiently. If you have any questions or feedback please fire away! Also - anyone who signs up for a paid plan today message me at and I’ll apply a 30% off per month discount to your subscription
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@builder @steve_sewell Hey steve. Hello from Dashly team! You have a great product, upvoted that. What are your plans on live chat integration, like Dashly?
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Thanks @roman_eaton! We've got a plugin system in the works, and chat widgets like Dashly would be a great addition. I'll reach out when that is ready so we can get a Dashly option in there!
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@steve_sewell cool, happy to hear that. By the way, while we started talking about chat widgets, how do you like Intercom? What is the main function for that it does?
Been using builder for several months now. The power and flexibility of this tool continues to impress me. By empowering non-technical folks to create and edit site content, it eliminates 90%+ of menial tasks for engineers and drastically speeds up process around basic site changes.
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Current builder user, can say it’s the single best platform I’ve used for two reasons: 1) ease of use. Easier than Squarespace, Shopify, wordpress, etc, 2) functionality: it has enabled us to automate and run several parts of our business without hiring engineers
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How does to compare with Webflow or the numerous wordpress based page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder.
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@yash thanks for the question! The big difference here is that Builder can connect and build pages for any site. So whereas Webflow requires your whole site to be hosted by Webflow, or Elementor/Divi/Beaver plug into wordpress - Builder connect to (aka plug into) any site. So if you work at a company with a custom site (not wordpress, and not already webflow), e.g. a React site, but you want a page builder like Webflow/Elementor/etc has so your marketers can build and test pages, alongside all your other custom react code - Builder is now your option If I can better clarify please let me know!
wonder why this wasn't product of the day. Guess thumbnail made it look like this is a 3D rendering tool.
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