Builder Book

Learn how to build a full stack JS web app from scratch

Builder Book teaches you how to build a full stack JavaScript web app from scratch.

You'll learn the following stack: React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB

as well as APIs for: Google OAuth, Github, AWS SES, MailChimp, Stripe

The final app you build is the same one we use to write and sell the book!

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm one of the coauthors of Builder Book. My team and I have built a few web apps together. After learning completely on our own, we wished we had a resource that taught us the full web app development process from scratch. Hence, our book. We spent 6 months writing our book and developing the app we'd use to publish + sell the book. We hope Builder Book is useful to other developers like us who want to build their own apps. We've open sourced the final web app that you build on our Github repo: It's the same app we use to write + sell our book! After learning how it's built, you'll be able to modify the code into any app you want. Many thanks to Degermurun Purevkhuu and Timur Zhiyentayev for help in building our web app and writing the book. Happy to answer your questions or hear feedback. Thanks!
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I know it may be hard to say but if someone meets your assumptions of knowing the basics of HTML, CSS, React, and JavaScript, how long do you estimate going through the whole project would take?
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@kennyyang Thanks for asking. It varies by person, but we've seen people spend the weekends over a month to completely read and run the code. I'm guessing that amounts to a solid week or two spending a few hours per day.
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Great job. Looks great but would like to see unfiltered reviews, something like disqus comments so I can see all types of reviews and make decision. Just a suggestion :).
@sasi513 Thanks for your feedback! Our reviews are unfiltered/unmodified. You can see the full list of them here: You can also see where readers have reported any issues with the book on our Github repo: If you'd like to suggest adding comments per chapter in the book, feel free to create an issue as well. Since the book code is completely public (, you can always test it out before buying.