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BuildBubbles - Podcast Intro Generator is a quick and easy way to create an intro for your podcast for FREE. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn't have a budget or time to make a podcast intro.
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2 Reviews2.5/5
The products looks and feels great, very intuitive. Would love a function to record audio with your own voice as the generated one sounds a little too much roboty for my taste
@sandrodecalonne Thanks for the feedback. We will make one soon :)
@vasinl Great to hear, keep up the good work!
Nice work! would be great if there is a way to provide phonetic spellings. So, it won't butcher names ;)
This is amazing @jomjom Works great. I wish it was possible to preview even before we confirm if everything was right. Doesn't work well with person names.
@jomjom @adithya We added the audio player so you can hear it before downloading it.
@jomjom @vasinl Wow, was this built in the past few hours. So we can preview to make changes before download right?
@jomjom @adithya yes, correct, you can hit a play button to hear it before you download the file.