Buildbox 3.0

The best drag and drop game builder ever created

#3 Product of the DayMay 24, 2019
The best drag and drop game engine, now supports 3D and coding capability
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    It is very limited. Expensive In my opinion, even New pricing.

    BB is very limited Game maker. And lot of bugs. Still you can't convert BB2 project to BB3. Yesterday they released BB3. It also messed up. Try other Visual Scripting like playMaker or Bolt for No Code game creation

    mobdoggo games has used this product for one year.
  • David Reichelt
    David Reicheltgame designer

    Super quick. Easy to use. 3D. No coding. Learn.Build.Make a game same day. Low learning curve. No programming training required.


    Limited in what you can build but with BB3 you can add what ever functionality you want going forward to make jut about any game

    I built Color Switch with BB1. Perfect tool for designers/nonprogrammers

    David Reichelt has used this product for one year.
I have heard a lot about this tool. Has anyone here used it? How powerful it is? And how buggy it is?
This is buggy game engine. Very limited software and expensive too. Go and check Buildbox forums. If you really want to make games without coding, Try Unity and playMaker. playMaker is One time fee and having 2000+ Nodes. Please don't buy this.
Seems very cool, congrats! I didn't see any web export option, do you support it (or is it in your roadmap)?
Signup form seems broken at the moment. Goes to an error page asking for my Latitude and Longitude. And I don't see a demo. I'd really need a trial before using something like this.
@benmc the program can be buggy at times, however the support team is great and the dev team usually sends patches pretty quick.