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 Ziad Tamim
Founder of IntensifyStudio
I'm shocked why aren't we talking about BuildBox. It's a super intuitive tool that is changing the way how people are making games on Mobile. It's so popular among designers who are eager to release polished games without any effort. You should definitely give it a try.
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Kim Døfler
Entrepreneur and tech lover
Looks really awesome 😃 Have a few questions, just to get to know BuildBox better 😀 Looks like it really performs well, how does the performance compare to manual coding? What type of code do you output, is it native on the mentioned devices or is it some sort of cross platform code like HTML5 with JS and WebGL? At some point in the video it seemed like there was some sort of pseudo 3D going on, is 3D possible with this gamer builder? Would really like to try it out myself at some point!
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zachstudent boy
I really like the idea and look of the software but I went to the price page and... It's a bit much, $2700 one time or $99 a month?
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Lynn Fredricks
President, Paradigma Software
There are a lot of game tools on the market today, and many of them have very competent free versions, such as Unity 3D, or unique implementations like the English-language like LiveCode to appeal to specialty markets. Here's what I like about what I am seeing with Buildbox: - It comes across as about the easiest way to get started and also get immediate, useful feedback - There are implied structures (node structure menu, etc) that make me think its designed for extensibility of features beyond the base logic we are seeing now - The number of platforms supported seems spot on Here's where I see it needs some improvement: - As others have mentioned, the initial pricing is steep for indie adoption; digital production houses and any company buyer isn't going to have much of a problem with the price. But this price will gatekeep many who could otherwise afford it and the free tutorials / contest / etc won't do a lot to offset that. Pricing / structure could use some work. - The types of games it supports seem to be narrow in focus; I would find this tool even more attractive if it could do adventure games like Visionnaire as that would also open up the children's market for games - It isn't immediately clear to me how this handles multi-lingual games, which are critical for making the most out of your releases in non English Europe and money spending Japanese and Chinese speakers. I don't think real, interactive 3D is something that is needed here; rather Id push towards interactive / vr 360 degree stuff like the video you can now export from OneRender and now supported by Facebook and cool new vr hardware.
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Trey Smith
Founder, Buildbox
Thanks for the kind words and feedback everyone. If you have any questions about the software you can email us at anytime:
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