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We need more transparency and authenticity when it comes to selling products online. There are too many "6 figure launches" and "7 figure evergreen funnels" that don't actually pull the curtain back and show you the truth (or things you can learn and apply). Excited for @mijustin's new podcast!
@iwearyourshirt the latest episode also makes public all my stats so far. ;)
I discovered Justin Jackson from his other podcast, Product People, and I just got an email about his new podcast, Build & Launch, being accepted into iTunes. Right now there are three mini episodes to listen to and the first full-length episode will be out on February 5th. The first five mini episodes focus on what it takes to launch a podcast. From @mijustin: "The whole purpose of the show is to help you, and others around the world, to build and launch your own product. I'm excited for future episodes, where I'll include more interaction with you (the listener), and share what you're building with the world."
@stttories whoa! Thanks Tori. My website wasn't even ready! ;) Just updated it with links to subscribe on iTunes + RSS.
@mijustin heh I noticed that - but I added the podcast link to iTunes under related links! looking forward to hearing more :)
I love Justin's tone. So energising and inspiring. I've listened to the first episodes and it's already one of my favorite podcasts!
He's the man. I'm certain this one will be well worth it, along with his others.
Boom. When Mr. Jackson podcasts, I listen.