Build An Online Course

A free course about, you guessed it, building a course!

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Jason Zook
I do weird things on the Internet.
Hey PH! We just unveiled this 100% free course on "How To Build An Online Course" this morning and you're hearing about it first. We spent a few weeks putting this together and addressing a pain point that many people shared with us: "How do I even start creating an online course?" We walk you through creating a course outline, the 3 C's (creating course content), software and equipment for recording audio/video, platform comparison, and much more. There's over an hour of video content to watch and a ton of actionable items to help you get started on your online course. These are the exact steps I've used to create multiple courses, including one that made over $32,000 last year (fairly passively). That link is in the related links section above. Hope you enjoy it!
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