Build a Winning Pitch Deck

Learn the basics of pitch deck creation and startup fundrais

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Hi guys, me and my team designed this free guide to help you build a Great Pitch Deck. The guide will walk you through the basics, introducing the concept of the pitch deck, its advantages, elements, design and delivery tips as well as providing advice on storytelling best practice, pitching exercises and choosing investors. You can read the guide online or download it as an ebook in PDF, epub and mobi formats. Please, let me know how do you like it and if anything is missing. Cheers! Update (Nov'19): Dear ProductHunt'ers, BaseTemplates is no longer my property and will be operated by the great guy @maximilian_fleitmann .
@john_mitchell @vasylslobodian badass indeed. this is an amazing guide to creating pitch decks that are not only captivating but also super functional and will get you the moolah... every time! This has got to get more than 30 votes! come on @producthunt ers
@vasylslobodian any chance we @producthunt ers can get a discount? Maybe a starving entrepreneur rate? :D
@rameshdot0 Hi Ramesh, a discount on what? Getting book?
This is awesome.
Now this comes really timely!
Awesome work. Thank you!
You'll never get enough advice about how to make a good pitch deck, having a good one is key for any startup, not just for funding, but for having a nice view of your idea in a concrete and easy to explain format. Nice work.
@germancastano fully agree. Most people (including me until recently) think of a pitch deck towards investor presentation way only, but it also such a great tool to understand, test and get feedback on startup idea and business model. Once you're starting pitching your startup to friends, colleagues, strangers you're entering a new world full of inner (personal) and outer (learned from others) insights .
@vasylslobodian that's true, I always tell other entrepreneurs that if they're not able to sell an idea to at least one person, how they expect to attract millions. Simplicity is the key and a good pitch deck is your business idea explained in the simplest way, besides a good canvas of course.