Build a Material theme

Customize your own Material theme using Material Components

These interactive projects for Android and the web let you create your own Material theme by customizing values for color, typography, and shape. See how these values appear when applied to Material Components, and get the code for your theme.
👋 We've created two interactive projects that help you build your own Material Theme using Material Components on Android Studio & @Glitch. See these projects in action in Material Theming: Build Expressively with Material Components (Google I/O'19) 📺 Happy Theming!
Really thoughtful set of resources that are super easy to use. Helps take Material Design from "it's cool, I should think about it" to something that I can almost instantly use to make exactly the theme that I want. Nice work!
How can I use it for Android app?
Hey @wajahatkarim, There are some pretty detailed instructions for the Android project here: Let us know if that's what you're looking for and any other thoughts you have. Thanks for checking it out!
@hunter_stich This is fantastic. And this is exactly what I was looking for. I am going to write an article on this about how to create themes for your Android apps soon. I will share it with you. Thanks for this :)