Buidl Today

A DApp that helps you ship work

Buidl Today is a decentralised DApp that combines the technology of the Ethereum blockchain and principles of cognitive psychology to help you ship great work.

Psychological studies suggest that losses are twice as powerful as gains. Using Buidl Today, you can commit money that can only be recovered if a friend confirms you have shipped.

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👋 Hi Product Hunt, I took some time off my day job to make indie apps and dApps. Buidl Today is the first major project in my journey. 💬 The Story of Buidl Today As I started working independently, I kept looking for ways to hold myself accountable and ensure I shipped work every day. I remembered reading about loss aversion on Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, and decided to use the blockchain to play with the concept. In a world of ICOs, fake technical teams and other shenanigans, here’s my attempt at generating a real world use for a DApp. Buidl Today can help you ship your MVP faster. 🎁 Features - Create pledges including description, stake, deadline, recipient address and referee address. - See what pledges you have made, are recipient of, and are referee of. - Confirm pledges for which you are the referee. - Withdraw stake from pledges that you have made and have been confirmed. - Withdraw stake from pledges that you are a recipient of and haven’t been confirmed on time. - No passwords, just use the wallet! The app is currently desktop only, and it has been deployed on the Rinkeby test network. ⭐️ Support me - By spreading the word, - And come talk to me on Twitter! 🙏 Thanks - @diogovaz_ for testing - @hayeah for inspiration for the idea - @sarabdamaral for her support Let me know what you think 🙌
sick idea!
Neat. How long did it take you to get this up from the first line of code? @rrhoover, what do you think about adding this to Maker Goals? 🤷
Thanks @igoruphere! This took me 10-12 weeks including initial setup, a bit of design, development and launch. Just checked out Maker Goals and really like the concept, pumped to give it a try! 🚢