Local Interest-Based Networking for College Students

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Hey all, I am one of the founders of Buhz. We've been working day and night to make this product amazing and would love to get some feedback on how we could improve it/what other features you would like to see added!!! p.s we are currently in the process of raising our first round of funding. If you are a investor interested in getting in contact with us feel free to email: info@buhz.com
Hey, @fresh83! Congrats on the launch. I'm curious to hear how you plan to seed each college.
As of now the plan is college concerts with up and coming major label artists with some sort of discount or free ticket for those who get 5 or more friends on Buhz and while were hyping that were also recruiting the right kind of people as campus brand reps, throwing smaller type events that target the greeks and more social 50% of students with the belief that if you can get a good amount of the more social 50% the other 50% will follow.Were also still learning a lot from trial and error.Eventually will get a blueprint down and be able to saturate campuses at a increased pace, but as of right now the 3 main colleges we have been focused on are doing pretty good. 15% growth for the last 5 weeks, 30-40% of users active daily and most importantly users are posting daily.