Record your screen, network traffic & JavaScript logs.

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Thanks for hunting BugReplay @artem_russakovskii! We've been working on it for a while now so it's so nice to get some attention. BugReplay is a web-based feedback tool in the form of a browser extension that creates a synchronized recording of your screen, network traffic, JavaScript logs and other browser data. It can be used with your team and currently integrates with JIRA, GitHub and Slack. We came up with the idea after spending years dealing with non-technical customers. Bad bug reports waste a lot of time. It can be really difficult for a developer to reproduce a bug if they don’t get enough (or the right kind) of information. BugReplay solves that problem and also makes it easier to report bugs. We’re really excited to be here and please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
I can't believe it hasn't been posted on PH yet. Found it after seeing this today: https://news.ycombinator.com/ite....
@artem_russakovskii Just wanted to echo Sam's thanks, and also say that I read Android Police daily. Big fan!
Congrats on the progress. Having all the information bundled together from network traffic to UI behavior saves so much time. Having a replay bundle of what happened vs. the "i clicked this and then it broke" bug reports is a real efficiency boost. Curious if you see more Enterprise SaaS or Consumer facing uses so far?
@mpwn thanks! Currently we see a lot of users using it internally both on SaaS and consumer facing products. It's basically an even split so far.
I don't typically actually comment on PH that often, but this product is astoundingly good. Definitely one of those "why didn't this exist already?" moments. I've already solved real problems with it within minutes of signing up. Bravo!
@techpeace Thank you!! So nice to hear :)