Cloud logging for your apps, not only crashes matter

Bugfender lets you access your application's logs from anywhere in the globe. Bugfender collects everything happening in the application, even if it doesn’t crash, in order to reproduce and resolve bugs more effectively and provide better customer support

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Hi Everyone, I'm one of the cofounders of Bugfender. We've had been working on the product for some months now and we are happy to get your feedback and thoughts. As mobile developers we had been always frustated with bugs we cannot reproduce on our devices, so we decided to build a tool to help us fixing this bugs, this how we started Bugfender a tool that allows us to check what's happening in our customer devices. Give it a try, you can use it for free, we’re excited to hear your feedback.
Hey @aleixventayol, love hearing your story behind your product. I'm intrigued as I definitely share similar frustrations! My question is, what does your product offer that is not something that Fabric's metrics or MixPanel/Google Analytics cannot do?
Hi @kylerturner, what we offer, that those other products don't have, is that you can get the logs of the devices on our services. You can see exactly what the user has done on a session and you will get all the logs you have in your code. If you are writing the server calls in the device console you will be able to see them. If you are an iOS developer is like having a remote XCode console where you can see any devices logs, in case you are an Android developer it will be like a remote logcat.