Bug Muncher

Let users submit bug reports via visual screenshots

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There are a few tools that do this kind of thing in different forms Bug Muncher had pretty nice UI and supports quite a lot of integrations by default (including zendesk, trello, github, jira, etc). We often have the pain point where users submit the classic 'something went wrong' support tickets so having this kind of visual feedback can save a ton of time.
Seems like this would be useful for mobile as well. If anyone's heard of something would love to hear about it
This is nice. @rrhoover was talking about screenshot utilization on podcast.
cool. This is very similar to the bug reporting that Google uses on some products (like Google Shopping Express)
Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback. @KristoferTM - BugMuncher does kind of support mobile devices, although it's not a feature I advertise yet as it's not production ready, but BugMuncher does work on most iOS and Android devices. @_jacksmith - BugMuncher was in fact inspired by Google's feedback tool, as when they first launched Google + a bunch of people said they wish they could have that feedback tool for their own site, so I built BugMuncher :)