Buffer Hashtag Manager

Save and organize your hashtags for Instagram

Hashtag Manager makes it easy to create and save groups of hashtags to use in your Instagram posts. Experiment with different variations. Reuse your top performing groups. Build a library of options. Hashtag Manager helps you get more reach for every post! #️⃣
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Love this! Looking forward to using it for @ProductHunt's insta soon #️⃣👀 cc @chrismessina cause hashtag
@producthunt @chrismessina @amrith Wahoo, glad to hear it! Chris, thanks for making the fundamentals possible 🙃
Yep, I used to be a huge advocate of Buffer, I still use it but enjoying Later more so. Buffer cares more about $$$ now sadly.
@futuresgreen Hey Darren, thanks so much for advocating for Buffer and we're fans of Later too! We do think a lot about revenue and how we can create a sustainable business. Delivering a better experience with our products and customer service is the biggest part of that, so I really appreciate you taking the time to share thoughts with us. Feel free to shoot me a note with any other feedback on how we can improve. 🙏
Sad to see it's not available for Pro customers.
@benbrausen Feeling the same. It's like they really don't care nor assume anymore their firsts customers base ...
@benbrausen it's sad to see that a lot of people expect things to be free. Usually, these people don't do anything for free. By the way, I never used buffer and probably never will, but this attitudine is terribly annoying.
@luqa I have a paid Buffer account and have since 2013. I'm not expecting them to be free but I think it's reasonable to want features like this included with a paid account rather than only the top tier accounts.
Hey Ben, first up I just wanted to say thanks for being part of our community for so long. We definitely take your feedback to heart and appreciate it. To be honest, it's a bit of juggling act deciding which features should be included on what plans. We're completely funded by customer revenue, so we have to be quite thoughtful about tiering so that we can sustain our products in the long term. In general, I'd say Buffer has been considered a "cost-effective" option for customers for quite some time. We've done a fair bit of research across our customer base, and one theme that consistently bubbles up is that customers have been disappointed that we haven't been adding new features that other tools have. With that in mind, we're really trying to focus on adding value to our products with improved functionality, rather than lowering prices.
This is brilliant! Even though I rarely use hashtag, I could imagine how painful it is to write so many hashtags every time I want to post something new. Great thing!
Really sad to see yet another feature which is available only to the "new" customers while the first era customers on legacy plans don't get them :(
@thibault_milan Hey Thibault! Thanks for being a long time customer. 🙏I'd love to help get this feature into your hands if you're interested in it. Feel free to shoot me a message and I can see if we can a good solution for you!