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#4 Product of the DayOctober 23, 2014

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So excited to finally have this one in the wild! When we watched the iOS 8 announcement earlier this year we knew that it could change the way people Buffer on the go. Being able to quickly share a post from any app is insanely useful, and reduces so much of the friction that was on the app in prior versions. More room on the iPad app just feels right as well. We're still so excited about what we can do in the coming months to take more advantage of the extra screen real estate :)
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@brian_lovin one of my most used tools, awesome!
@bramk @brian_lovin Great to hear Bram! :)
If there was anything like buffer, I'd switch to it because of this delay. Really, I love buffer, and I tweeted them as soon as I understood that apple are going to let apps "receive" links from everywhere. They said "hmmm interesting" and it took more then 3 and a half months after the first beta release, and a month after an official release of ios8 to release this. If there were another scheduling service that competes, I would definitely think about switching. Anyway, finallY! whohoo! now i wish someone would update @zite to ios8 as well
@altryne Great points Alex, so sorry about the delay with it. We definitely aimed to get it shipped at the same time as iOS 8 but we also decided to tackle iPad & also included some last minute additions for native retweets within the composer. If I hadn't tackled a big chunk of refactoring we would have shipped early but hopefully after that extra work it's in a much better shape. :)
Good work @ay8s and your fellow Buffer mobile developers! I'm mostly a Chrome extension user myself but I love how Buffer are constantly iterating and improving their mobile offering. Plus I've always got a lot of love for fellow Brits doing awesome stuff :)
@riaface Thanks so much Ria! It's been such good fun building it, getting it out and seeing the awesome response from our users. :)
Great stuff. Have been waiting for the share extension. Makes it so much easier to queue. Heads up: just installed the app, logged in with Twitter, ended up on an empty queue after logging in. No avatar, no content. Minimized the app and opened again, showed my user and queue.
I love Buffer, use it all of the time.