Buffer for iOS7

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Buffer sits on my homescreen. Big fan and I've been digging the iOS update these past few days (especially the "share next" feature). Great work, @joelgascoigne, @brian_lovin, @leowid, @CaroKopp, and the rest of the team!
I used the re-share feature the other day and thought it was awesome. On twitter especially, if you want people to see your content, you have to tweet it multiple times. My only ask would be a sort view where I can see my most engaged tweets so I could re-share the best ones. ...and an iPad app :)
It's the best, posting to social media service, hands down. Makes my life soooo much easier!
Awesome to hear the early feedback! And @eric3000 - we're working on an iPad app now :)
@brian_lovin hey brian - i was lucky enough to beta the app and loved it. never noticed tho - "Login with Twitter" functionality doesn't leverage native iOS Twitter Integration and forces you to log in. As a 1Password User w/2-factor authentication, this is a big inconvenience. I was able to get around it by using the "Login with Facebook"...but that's second in priority / order below "Login with Twitter." Was NOT using native iOS+Twitter accounts a deliberate decision or an oversight? And if it was a deliberate decision...why? Just curious...