Buffer for iOS v5.0

Sharing on social made better for iOS 9 and Apple Watch

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Thanks @iwaffles. Super excited to have this out on the App Store. We've been working on this update since late May with a redesign and then adding in some great iOS 9 features since WWDC along with a new Apple Watch app. v5.0 is also the first time our app has features In-App Subscriptions for upgrading plans. We have plenty of new things in the works for v5.0 and beyond, including some new features for Analytics and making adding content to Buffer even faster. Would love to hear what you think of the new design and features and happy to answer any questions. :)
Pretty cool updates for iOS 9. Love the ability to draft/schedule updates from my Apple Watch. Great work @ay8s and team!
Much improved. Thanks!
This is just brilliant work guys. Congrats!