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The Buffer team shares lessons learned about culture + work

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Bryan Landers
Bryan LandersHunter@bryanlanders · COO, Backstage Capital
So excited for this new podcast hosted by @courtneyseiter and @CaroKopp of @buffer, the startup that has taken the core value of transparency further than most companies could imagine possible. This is the first episode of this new podcast series, just announced: https://open.buffer.com/culturel... From the announcement: "We hope CultureLab will be a destination to deeply explore the culture of work—how all of us, together, might make work happier and more human." "In every episode we’ll humbly share some of our experiments and lessons learned at Buffer, and then turn it over to a new guest (or guests) to talk about everything from how many exclamation points you can use in a work email (short answer: it depends) to why a diverse team comes up with more creative solutions to challenges." "We want CultureLab to be fun and reflective; detail-obsessed as well as big-picture, consistent yet evolving—much like great work itself." "Most of all, we want it to be yours. We’re very new to this and would love your insights and feedback to make CultureLab a destination where you’d enjoy hanging out and spending some time." They posted 3 episodes to launch, so subscribe and leave them a review so they can make a go of New & Noteworthy! 🏆 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podc...
Courtney Seiter
Courtney SeiterMaker@courtneyseiter · Content Crafter, Buffer
@bryanlanders @carokopp @buffer Thanks for sharing, Bryan! We are having a lot of fun with CultureLab and learning tons. I know lots of you on here have heaps more experience with podcasting; we'd be so keen to hear any suggestions, ideas, feedback or thoughts from anyone who might be kind enough to listen! Ooooh and future guest ideas are great too!
Cole Mercer
Cole Mercer@colemercer · Product @ SoundCloud
Nice! You should host this on SoundCloud like PH does 😄 the timed comments are 👌
Courtney Seiter
Courtney SeiterMaker@courtneyseiter · Content Crafter, Buffer
@colemercer Hey Cole, I LOVE Soundcloud! We're posting it there also; would love some timed comments! https://soundcloud.com/bufferapp