Buffer Analyze

Buffer’s Facebook and Instagram analytics and reporting tool

Buffer Analyze is Buffer’s Facebook and Instagram analytics tool for online consumer brands that want to make better decisions about their social media strategy and measure their results without feeling overwhelmed.
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Hello everyone! Alfred from Buffer here. I’m excited to share something that has helped almost 1,000 Buffer customers grow their engagement and following on Facebook and Instagram. Buffer Analyze is our new Facebook and Instagram analytics and reporting tool. It provides clear and concise data about what’s working and what’s not so that you can make better decisions about what media and caption to use and when to post. It also has an easy-to-use report builder so that you can spend less time making reports and more time growing your brand. After months of beta-testing with many of our existing customers, we are thrilled to share that Buffer Analyze is now available to everyone! From our own experience and research, we found two core problems with social media analytics: (1) creating a data-driven social media strategy is hard, and (2) reporting social media performance is often very tedious. We hope to solve these two problems with Buffer Analyze. We are focusing on Instagram and Facebook because those are the channels that online consumer brands care most about. If there is demand for other social media integrations or marketing channels, we would love to explore them. Buffer Analyze is the third product of our suite of brand building products, joining our longtime social media planning and publishing product, Buffer Publish, and social media engagement product, Buffer Reply. We intentionally kept them as separate products so that we can build the best-of-breed solution in each area and offer our customers the flexibility to choose only the products they need. We are looking forward to everyone’s thoughts and feedback. Thank you for the opportunity to share our new product here! (Thank you so much for hunting us, Chris!)
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@alfred_lua Hey Alfred it looks really coo and I will need to jump into it more fully, but what is the difference between something like this and adespresso, Thanks and congrats
@drew_dunn1 Thanks, Drew! I believe AdEspresso is for creating and managing Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. Buffer Analyze focuses on analytics, providing you data on your (organic) social media post, recommending posting strategies, and letting you easily create social media reports. Different areas of the same space, I would say. Would love to hear what you think! :)
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@alfred_lua Congrats on the launch! Any plans to add Twitter to this soon?
@amrith Thanks, Amrith! We are monitoring the demand for Twitter before we decide whether to support it. :)
@alfred_lua Sweet we have started using buffer. So is this a different addition to it, or is it pretty much buffer. Still new to this site so trying to figure this all out ha
I have used tons of social analytics tools. All platforms tend to look at different things, and the information isn't always consistent. Buffer Analytics allows you to see data that matters in telling the story of your campaigns, as well as helping define strategy moving forward. It's super intuitive in helping format the data it populates into digestible, customizable reports. I have used this platform for many jobs, and will continue to leverage it for all my jobs moving forward. Great work, Buffer!
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@katie_keller1 My goodness Katie, you just made my already-great-day even better with your glowing review. This is so kind of you to share! 🤗
You had me at story analytics! Awesome work guys, another valuable product 🙌
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@lachlankirkwood Thank you so much Lachlan! 🤗
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Very nice, but should offer more pricing tiers IMO
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@guilhermeocosta Hey, great point! The good news is that we do actually offer more pricing tiers, we just weren't able to built in auto-switching between them for the launch. If you need more than 10 social accounts, please hit me up tom at buffer and I'll make it happen for you :) Right now the tiers are priced by buckets: - $50: up to 10 social accounts - $100: up to 25 social accounts - $200: up to 50 social accounts
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@redman oh great! Truth is I really wish it could have some minor tier, I only need 2 to 5 social accounts at the time, sign a plan with 10 really seems to be waste unfortunately
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@guilhermeocosta Ah! No problem – it's very possible we'll offer per-profile pricing in the future. Thanks for the feedback, Guilherme 🙏
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@guilhermeocosta @redman Second this - consults, side projects, growing brands usually just need 3-5. Example, would love to see you undercut Union Metrics slightly for a base plan.
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@guilhermeocosta @dshan Thanks Derek – I'll see what we can do!
We've been using Analyze for a few weeks now and it's a really great analytics tool. Being able to get story data is a very big deal for us and the reports are great. Would highly recommend.
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@matthewrose 🤯 Thank you so much Matthew!