Budsies Selfies

Turn anyone into a plushy

Custom plush dolls from photos of people. Upload your photo and receive a handmade plush doll lookalike of the person. Available in 16” and 30”. Can also add voice recorder!

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Well, thats my Christmas shopping sorted :)
So creepy and adorable. Reminds me of Selfie Doll. Sadly, I tried to order these for the team last year but they were backordered. This year might be different. 😸
@rrhoover yea I think it's a difference of scale; we've made over 16,000 custom stuffed animals (now thousands per month); we also try to make the experience super convenient for the customer by having a fixed, low price for the entire Selfie plush so there's no variability from accessories/clothing/etc.; oh... and you can pop in a photo of someone right from your smartphone! @katesegrin haha that's a good question! We've seen it all... wedding couples, military families, NBA players (!!!), even cases where a family member had passed away and a Selfie was made in their honor. Though... my favorite are probably the gag office boss gifts. Maybe you should make one of her and then take pics with "Mini Her" while you go on your travels? We've seen some long distance BFFs and couples do that
This seems like the best gift for my BFF... The question is- do I give her one of myself (because that's hilariously narcissistic) or give her one of herself (which she would be so creeped out by) 😂 Thoughts???
I think I know what my kids are going to get for Christmas this year, just need to decide if it is of themselves or me :)
@ericmwalk if you happen to have photos of your kids in their Halloween costumes, those turn out pretty amazing :)
@ericmwalk I just added an example of kiddo in Halloween costume into the media section :)
Remember these guys being on Shark Tank (Added the pitch to the Media section) great company.
@zaccoffman Thanks a lot! And yes - Shark Tank was a blast! I'd recommend it for any consumer-facing product
@thefurm Agree, although not from experience :) I feel even if a deal isn't made, the exposure alone is worth it -- ala FreakerUSA.