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Budlist makes it easy to explore all the great cannabis specials, job openings, events and more in your community.
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Thanks @bentossell for the hunt! Hi Hunters, Super excited to share budlist with you! Budlist exists to fill a void - a clear, easy to use guide that helps you discover all of the great offers, jobs and events that your cannabis community has to offer. We're currently running our first beta in Denver, CO. It would be great to hear what you think. Suggestions and feedback are welcomed!
@jwgs When I try to visit your site, it asks me for a password. Did you take the site down?
@magnuson Hey there - currently in maintenance mode - it will be up today! I need a better splash screen
@magnuson @jwgs Hey James, let me know what I can help with the splash screen design :)

I just enjoy being able to search for relevant locations and promotions near me. There's too many random shops, sales, and not enough aggregation of the info for people to find either in a recreational or business capacity.


Consolidation of information. Clean Presentation, responsive site


I have yet to find anything functionally similar or I'd include it here for reference

Appreciate the comment!
I just love Budlist, awesome idea, great design, easy to use and very useful. I own a business in the cannabis sphere so budlist could obviously be appropriate for me and my clients. I would love to use it to post jobs whenever I need to.
@cassandra_beaulieu Thanks! We'll be adding the ability for users to submit content soon.
Hey @jwgs Showing (403-Access denied) Password needed screen. Is the page now taken down?
@npanigrahy Hey there, currently in maintenance mode! I need a better splash screen :) - it should be up today