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Hi, Product Hunt! I'm Dmitry, a co-founder of Budgy. I'm excited and very happy to be here at Product Hunt and share Budgy 2 App with the community! Budgy is a free app that helps to manage budget and expenses for solo, business, and group travels. Budgy is syncing your friends to record and see statistics of all the shared transactions and exchanges to make travels more fun with proper budgeting and tracking of spending. Not just that, the map feature ensures you and your friends get to enjoy your travels as you’ll be reminded when to spend money on entertainment. — Record transactions and payable amount amongst group of friends — Manage your finances efficiently on solo and business travels — Track trip budgets easily with organized stats — No more reminders, receipts, and spreadsheets! Budgy saves you from awkward situations where money is on the line, and so are friends! Let friends stay friends while traveling, splitting the bill, or in any situation where money is involved. Check our website — and download our app https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/... http://budgyapp.com/ What’s new in Budgy 2 compare with a first version? - synchronisation between all members of a common budget - new app logic - totally new design - geolocation history of payments which remind where you spent money There's a lot of offbeat aspects to the product, so if you have any questions, ask away! I'll answer the best of my ability. And please test Budgy 2 - we really need your feedback. As we did the app during our free time, for our friends and the way we would use it by ourself - your opinions will really support our team!
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Looks great, worth a try. I've used dozens of different budgeting apps but never sticked to any. From what I see Budgy 2 might be THE ONE!
Looks great Going on a group trip tomorrow, will let you know how well the app fits the need :)
@arturkiulian Great! Will wait for your feedback!
Great app, guys! Waiting for it to pay for me as well) Any plans to add payments in the future?
@matveyich Thank you so much Ilya. Sure, we'll work on that as well! ;)
Where to sign up for news and updates?
@druh_opryshok you can sign up at our website http://budgyapp.com/ we will happy to inform you about our news