Track your ramen spending (iOS)

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Kina De Santis
Kina De Santis@kinadesantis · CoFounder/Director of Mktg @ MotorMood
Simple and clean. I like it. I see a lot of potential for growth in the future with integrations with banks, venmo, etc... As both a college student and a startup person, I don't want to have to take out my phone every single time that I make a purchase. Making purchases are getting easier and easier, so should tracking all of that. Stoked to see what you guys add. Who is the maker?
Sebastian Flückiger
Sebastian FlückigerMaker@_sflueckiger · founder sflueckiger.ch
@kinadesantis myself & @flaviogortana :) You can follow budgt on twitter directly at @_budgt.
Sebastian Flückiger
Sebastian FlückigerMaker@_sflueckiger · founder sflueckiger.ch
Thanking @marceglon for posting this here - it is already clear that we have the best users :) BUDGT is a very simple personal finance manager that works off a monthly budget and dynamically creates daily allowances for you, with the key question being answered 'how much money have i left to spend today without losing money by the end of the month'. The next update is in the works, bringing the long overdue iPHone 6 & 6 Plus compatibility (It took forever as I am the sole developer, full time student and have to find time between classes for BUDGT - plus the fact that I had to recode all screens from scratch to make them adapt dynamically to the new devices). Additionally it will fix some lingering bugs and add to your Today View & Apple Watch :)
MarcHunter@marceglon · Hackerpreneur Mag & Letterlist.com
Lovely simple app for tracking daily budget and spend. Sexy charts.
Joel Blackmore
Joel Blackmore@joelblackmore · Product Director, Turner, ex Boiler Room
I use DollarBird for this purpose and couldn't be happier
Jerry Becker
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
The "e" in "budget" stands for "excess" ...which is why it was cut...