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Share your budget and spending anonymously

Anonymously share your budget and spending.
The lessons we learn from each other will help us all foster better financial habits.
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I have been making a decent amount as a web designer/developer for a while. I average 180 to 220k AUD a year as a contractor. I don't have much to show for it though, it comes in and it goes straight out. I have no idea wtf is going on. Is it the strip clubs on the weekend, my bi-weekly weed runs, my evenings in the pub or maybe it's my takeout? I need to scale back somewhere, or i need to make more money! I created budget with us as a budgeting tool primarily. It does all the usual stuff you expect a budgeting tool to do, but there are so many good budgeting tools out there. The thing they miss is context! Context matters so much when you budget! In college when i worked in a factory, spending $30 on a lunch was stupid, i still did it though..., but now it's ok sometimes, i think, maybe. This is the only tool that will show you what everyone else that does what you do earns, budgets, and spends their money on. Product hunters get 6 months free.
Really beautiful UI accompanied by some pretty powerful insights. Great product 🙌
Seems interesting. Do you have an Android app for this?
@debgotwired no Android app at the moment, that may come later