Track your finances and build better spending habits

Budget.cool is a simplistic app to help manage your spending and budgets all manually, encouraging you to build up better money habits! It features:

💸 Custom spending + budget categories

📫 Monthly or weekly emails updates

📱 Sleek, mobile-friendly design

📉 Stats and charts showing spending by day and category

All 100% free

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@ajsb87 Planning on opening it up soon! The app runs right now on a private API, I’ll add that to a list of features to add sooner than later.
Do you plan to develop iOS app?
@filipgres That's definitely in my mind for down the road, building both iOS and Android apps out. I've tried to build the site as it is to be as mobile-friendly as possible, but if there's enough desire for a native app I'd get started on developing one within the next couple months.
@filipgres @aschmelyun I think a mobile app for iOS and Android would be really needed.
Hi, YNAB user here. Do you plan to release a self-hosted version?
@babics_balint Hello! I do, as both a bundled package you can install on a server, or as a desktop app. Both of which would be a one-time small fee, and 100% self-contained to your local installation.
@babics_balint @aschmelyun i use YNAB as well! do you have plans to add auto transaction importing via plaid or something similar?
@babics_balint @aschmelyun looking forward to a self hosted version
In France we have a bunch of apps that connects (scraping or API) to bank accounts, I don't know if it is possible overseas or if it is your will to go full manually, by the way this is not a downside and has a lot of benefits : I prefer my good ol' spreadsheet than automagic apps so that I can be aware of exactly each of my expenses. What I found missing in personal finance projects that there sometime exists in projects doing finance for businesses, is the ability to forecast/make scenarios : - hability to register expenses in the future, - making scenarii like: - - "what if I pay all my loan today ? Will I overdraw my account, where can I cut to do so? How it will impact my accounts at N+1 ?" - - for independents who doesn't need a full corporate solution, "what if I close/don't close this client ? what if he doesn't pays, how many months in good financial health do I have left ?" - or even simply "what if I buy this expensive item upfront ? in x payments ?"
@tom_sp I REALLY dig the question ability. I've always just accepted the budget/financial tracker apps I've used over the years as just "good enough", but I now really want something like that implemented.
It would be pretty cool if you could add other coins. For example im from Uruguay and I can't find the "peso uruguayo" so it's a little bit of a problem to transform my expenses to dollars. Great design, love it :)