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Hello all! First, thanks for the hunt. Today, we’re very excited to announce buddybuild support for Android apps! We launched our iOS experience on Product Hunt in October, and today, we're making the entire "Build, Deploy, Feedback and Crash Reporting" experience for Android available to everyone. For some context... when we started with buddybuild, we recognized that one of the crucial components of building software that people actually want, is to involve those very people. Involving users as part of the mobile app development process is filled with friction. Creating builds, distributing them, getting feedback and actionable crash reports all working together in one system takes a lot of time to setup, and even more time to maintain. Buddybuild is a mobile iteration platform that helps mobile developers ship better apps, faster. To do so, we've built an end-to-end system that ties together a mobile-optimized continuous integration, continuous delivery and an iterative feedback solution into a single, seamless platform. Every 'git push' kicks off a new build, runs any UI or Unit tests you may have and instantly deploys that build to testers. With a simple screenshot, testers can easily send their feedback along with important device metadata to give you perfect insight into any bugs they’re experiencing. If your app crashes, buddybuild will trace back and highlight the exact line of source code that caused the crash, tell you which users were affected, and how many times the crash has occurred. Finally, when your app’s ready, send it directly to Google Play (for Android) or AppStore (for iOS!) We'd love to get feedback from the Product Hunt community - what are we missing? What works? What doesn't? We'd love to get your thoughts!
@dennispilarinos cool idea thanks for the product
We've been using BuddyBuild for iOS for a while. It's an amazing tool, with amazing support team. If you're doing mobile development BuddyBuild should be the first thing to integrate.
@icyber0n That's exceptionaly kind of you to say Vahagn! We try our best!
We've been using Buddybuild for a little while now, to handle building, testing and deployment of our iOS app at Splittable. It's a fantastic product and simply works (which can't be said for most other equivalent services). Can't wait to get this set up for our Android app.
@edowling Thanks for the kind words Ed! We're glad you're enjoying it!
Thank your guys for bringing a so fantastic tools for us!
@buight You're welcome! Thank you for the comment! :)
As someone who's built CI/CD chains a bunch of times, this might be the best news in a while. It seems too great to be true! @dennispilarinos Do you support multiple flavors publishing? i.e. I have 1 app and 2 play accounts I'd like to publish it to using 2 different flavors. Anyways, great job, going to test it out these days 👍👍👍
@ianissoawesome Hey Ian! It's definitely true.. and yes, we do! Our experience for that will get even better later this week!
@dennispilarinos Woooo, awesome! A big hug for buddybuild team!