One-click delivery automation for developers

Smart CI/CD platform allowing web developers to save time on repeatable tasks. Integrates with GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab.

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Thanks a lot for adding us to the list! We'll be monitoring this profile and answer all questions you may have about the product. For all newcomers we have a special deal: just contact us and say PRODUCTHUNT for 25% off. Cheers!
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Really neat UI :) Seriously considering using this in production. That being said, is it reliably stable for production use?
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@ulisantosg Thanks Uli! We are using Buddy for production in our team of 20 developers and I can assure you that stability is among our top priorities, as is listening to the community and responding to their feedback. You can also install Buddy on your own server if you wish: https://buddy.works/buddy-go
Love the UI - looks great!
@conradd Thanks! Give it a shot and share your thoughts on the UX - we did our best to make Buddy super smooth to use.
Looks great guys, I like that you offer the free plan. I'm using a EC2 setup currently, if it supports that will definitely try it!
@ilmi_ali Hi Ilmi! Yes, we do support EC2. Here's a step-by-step guide how to install Buddy on AWS: https://buddy.works/knowledge/st...
First, I have to say I'm a big fan of Deploy bot. But they removed the free plan, which I think can be a deal breaker for some developers / entrepreneurs. Buddy offers a free plan AND an On-Premises edition, which I also believe can be interested for some of us. @sztwiorok how long have you been working on Buddy? What were the main challenges to over come and how do you see the product evolving in the future?
@gregoiregilbert It’s not easy to talk about other companies as everyone is trying to do their best. I can tell we strive to deliver the fastest and most reliable solution on the market that can easily be added to any existing dev setup. We've been working on Buddy for a year now in a team of 20, delivering new features almost every week. We're currently focusing on new pipeline actions and better integration with GitHub, Bitbucket and the recently added GitLab. Our aim is to create a tool that will allow people to automate their development process as much as possible and respond to the actual needs of the web development community.
@gregoiregilbert @sztwiorok I literally JUST realized this afternoon that the free version of DeployBot was no longer. This is great timing, and seems like a great service, def. will be checking it out!