A personal digital assistant to handle simple tasks

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Chris Schwartze
Chris Schwartze@chrisschwartze · Co-founder @ Urban Masterclass
I'm confused, how is this different from Siri?
Saul Sutcher
Saul Sutcher@saulsutcher · UX Designer/Product Manager
@chrisschwartze Siri is voice commands only - which in an office setting doesn't really fly.
TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
Lots of Buddies here on PH. This is number 10. A cool app to organize your digital life locally on the Mac. Does all sorts of cool things by voice or shorthand type. Very handy! It's free and looks great too.
Saul Sutcher
Saul Sutcher@saulsutcher · UX Designer/Product Manager
I really like the concept. And like using text rather than voice. But the features are just too limited to be useful at this point. Finding things like phone numbers are easily done using spotlight in the same number of key strokes. Adding todos or reminders could just as easily be put directly into a task management system. Keep innovating - I think with a few more capabilities and commands it could be a great piece of software. I'd like to see the ability to schedule meetings, or send emails etc.