Bud and Breakfast

Airbnb for cannabis and MMJ-friendly accommodations

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Tori Bunte
PMM, HPE Storage
While it may seem silly to some, this fills an absolute need. I rented an Airbnb in San Diego last fall, and realized we left a half-smoked joint on one of the patios. I nervously checked my Airbnb feedback thinking they'd be super upset - but they might not have even found it. (We also left a TON of beer and Jameson, so that might've helped us out) If there isn't a balcony or patio, finding somewhere discreet to smoke can be difficult, especially when in an unfamiliar area. Knowing that you have the OK to smoke at a bnb or at someone's flat you're renting out for a weekend would make for a much more comfortable experience. Bookmarked :)
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Growth and product.
@stttories a friend of mine searches Airbnb for "420". Depending on where you're staying, you'll usually have a few options.
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Anuj Adhiya
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