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Edward MaslaveckasMakerHiring@ed_masl · Co founder
Hey Everybody, I am here to introduce your Bud. Your financial services platform. Bud is here to put you back at the centre of the financial world. There is so much noise and complexity financial services. Being a savvy consumer takes time, spreadsheets and guesswork. I wondered why something didn't exist that let me use all my products in one place and give me insight into what my services are actually doing. So I did the obvious thing, I googled it, product hunted and did my homework. Nothing. So I had to quit my job to build Bud. Roughly a year later, this is what we have built. NOW - Bud currently helps you see all your banks and financial service products in one place. We have built awesome INSIGHT tools to allow you get a handle on what your money. VERY SOON - We will be releasing the MARKETPLACE. This will consist of a whole bunch of financial service products that we have partnered with. Some will offer fully integrated services allowing you to use their services directly on your Bud dashboard. Bud takes time to deeply understand our partner's services. Your Bud is then empowered by your data to help make better financial decisions. Businesses make smart decisions based on their data, why shouldn't you? We are excited about all innovations in the financial services industry. We will continue to onboard as many services as possible (even if they compete with our insights tools) and expand our reach to new countries. Currently most of our partners apps are UK based, however there are some larger international partners like Western Union in the pipeline. That’s why we built the community. So you can have your say on what we build/integrate and where we go next. http://community.thisisbud.com We are on a journey to build a product that makes financial services work. Get your Bud and let us know what you think. :) Edward Maslaveckas #ownyourdata
Benjamin Kimo Twichell@benkimotwichell · Growth Marketing Consultant
Looks cool. Does this cover banks worldwide? What about multiple currencies?
Edward MaslaveckasMakerHiring@ed_masl · Co founder
@benkimotwichell currently just the UK. But we believe this becomes way more powerful when you are using this to manage/use account and products in different countries. We have already built the multi currency converter tools + remittance apps that you can use in the product (expected next month).
Robin A. NordnesHunter@robin_nordnes · CEO, Konomia AS
I love the idea of one platform for financial services, especially now in these times where fintech growing rapidly! Bud has a really good potential, hope the feedback you guys get from the Beta is good.🚀 😎
Edward MaslaveckasMakerHiring@ed_masl · Co founder
@robin_nordnes Thanks! We are getting a tonne of feedback, so helpful. We want to build an app that makes money work for people so feedback is #1! :)
Kevin Chiu@kvn_chiu
What's the difference between Mint?
Edward MaslaveckasMakerHiring@ed_masl · Co founder
@kvn_chiu good question. Right now, the offering the fairly similar. Over the next month or so we will start launching partner applications that you can use directly inside of the app/on the site. So where Mint was read only, you should be able to use your accounts on the platform. Send money, make investments, pay off credit cards etc. On top of this, Bud will start assisting you, helping to make decisions based on data insights. Hope this helps?