Marketplace for bucket list experiences

Buckitron is a marketplace for your bucket list, where Guests can list their bucket list, pay to live the experience and track their progress; all in one place while Hosts can earn money by offering these bucket list experiences to guests.
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Something like The “AirBnB of Fantasy Island” ? > https://youtu.be/FTOB-tkekEM
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👋 Hello Product Hunters! :) Seitu from the Buckitron team here and I'm really excited to share what we've been working on. Buckitron is a marketplace that helps turn bucket list dreams into tangible commodities by connecting guests (users who want to live an experience personally meaningful to their lives) with hosts (users who want to sell these experiences to guests). Because a bucket list experience is the act of achieving something that is personally meaningful to you, the guest can choose anything. From snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef to a road trip along Route 66 to learning how to knit – literally anything. The host controls the entire scope of the adventure. They decide what they will offer (accommodation, airport pickup, tour equipment, refreshments, etc.), suggest to the guest what they should bring along with them, what they should know about their trip and the number of persons allowed per experience. The host sets the price per experience. We have 7 categories: 1. Hiking 2. Night Life 3. Food 4. Historical Sites 5. Owner 6. Road Trip 7. Things to Do How it works: 1. Host adds offering and lists availability 2. The Guest finds and pays for the offering 3. Guest taken to chat screen where they can finalize the details of their trip with host 4. Host takes guest on experience tied to one of the 7 categories 5. Guest earns points and badges after completion of offering 6. Host is paid via Stripe after completion of offering 7. Buckitron takes a 15% processing fee from guest payment Here’s a link to our walkthrough promo: https://youtu.be/6VVt58Z_Og4 We’re aiming to solve three (3) unique problems faced by exploration starved millennials: − No simple solution exists to help users achieve the goals they care about  − Planning and executing these goals is time consuming and overwhelming − Prices associated with travel variables are an immediate concern for travelers We'd love some feedback and I'd be happy to answer any questions Cheers,
YouTube video looks cool , Just had no clue what it was about.
@jeff_nieznay Thanks! We tried to convey two things: 1. The idea Buckitron is a marketplace for bucket list dreams you'd like to accomplish 2. The idea that travel happens away from the computer (hence the focus on the phones)
Great concept! Love the promo video too. Would be curious to if you used a mock up tool to edit it?
@lachlankirkwood thank you. We really tried to make the bucket list item a commodity so that users would have an easier time turning their dreams into reality. Used Sketch for the screens, AE for the transitions and Pr for the audio.
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Interesting idea - wonder how this would work in reality.