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Buckets is a visual bookmarking tool to create your own stashes and collections of online resources. I built it basically becuase I couldnt find an awesome ‘create your own stash’ kind of tool, apart from one or two, which I found to be fiddly, and not with the kind of design meets usability vibe I was after. One of the main things I was looking for whilst hunting for this sort of tool, was that it could visually reference my favourite sites and online resources, and even better still — auto create visuals based on a url. So I got to work, played around with some php, tweaking the hell out of wordpress and I’m super pleased to have finished up this baby! Love to hear your thoughts guys!
@jrosendesign there are probably 100 :) here is one I use and made for fun http://leanbookmarks.com/ buckets.me feels slow, but it is nicely designed. where is bookmarklet for adding shit?
@dux On the case with the speed! Noticed that too today since getting high traffic. Bookmarklet etc.. possibly in the future, thanks for your feedback.
What is the difference between this and say the more mature raindrop.io?
@itsnblackburn Hey Nathaniel, thanks for reaching out and to answer your question. Raindrop is awesome i use it myself and it works well for some seriously advanced bookmarking. I wanted to create something that was more around the 'create your own stashes' concept. With rain drop if you create say a collection of helpful resources for designers, when you share that link, raindrop guides the guest to join and sign up and is complex in its appearance like being sent a link to dashboard with loads of buttons, options and other stuff going on. I just wanted to make something more lightweight and simple.
@jrosendesign Ah, OK so it's a simplified version of the same concept which is nice because we need more simple things. The only problem i see is when people start requesting things, you will quickly loose that and it will end up being the same.
@itsnblackburn any good designer knows how to limit their product scope. by the looks of it, Joel understands this-- his app was made with this in mind.
@westinlohne @itsnblackburn Thanks Westin! Appreciate that
@itsnblackburn Great point, I'm already getting loads of requests of people asking for additional stuff, the kind of thing that would turn this into more of a bookmark manager which isn't really what this is about - to be honest, I need to do a bit more thinking about it's future. Thanks for your feedback though man apprecitce it.
Ooh man wish I found this earlier ;)
@bramk Hey Bram, thanks for your comment! Love the infamous startup stash by the way - smashed it!
Buckets is down! :( It gives me a Forbidden! :(
@jrosendesign Is this product dead?
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