BucketListly Photos 2.0

7000+ Free creative common travel photos anyone can use

A free creative commons collection of over 7000+ travel photos from all over the world anyone can use.

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Happy Monday everyday! I have finally complete a new version of BucketListly Photos, which is now fold under the BucketListly Blog brand, all migrated from Tumblr to its own Rails server and comes equipped with new exciting features like: - Subject Aware search engine powered by Google Vision (try searching pyramids or wildlife) - Categorized by countries and continent - Complete redesign of the entire website - Complete camera detail shown when available - Added over 7000 photos from all around the world. Give it a whirl and see what you think about the new version of BucketListly Blog! :)
@peachananr it's great but when you can have free pics on sites like https://unsplash.com and others like http://allthefreestock.com without providing a link back to the original site it makes more sense to use those in a production environment. That said I think the project looks great and thanks for sharing it for free with everyone.
@saijogeorge Thanks for the feedback Saijo. Yes these websites I am aware of and of course I won't be able to compete as they have more volume and crowdsourced all at no cost. For this, I aim for those travel bloggers or journalists who writes about travel or travel companies who require specific type of travel photos and who don't mind supporting a free work from one traveler, me haha. :)
@peachananr nothing wrong with that :) Good luck to you mate.
Hey Pete, thank you for this. Just one question - you said that it mentions most details of the photograph, does it also mention the time of the day when the photo was snapped?
Hi Pete! So I just have to name you on the pic?