BucketListly 4.0

The most beautiful & advanced bucket list you will ever have

#3 Product of the DayJune 24, 2016

BucketListly is the most beautiful and advanced bucket list website you will ever have. You can create online bucket list, organize your life goals, unlock achievements in real life and share your accomplishment with your friends and like-minded people of our community.

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Hey everyone! I'm here to introduce you to a new version of BucketListly, the most beautiful and advanced bucket list app that I've been crafting for the past 3 years. The idea is simple, you can create a bucket list, keep track of your life goals and easily share your "achievement unlocked" moments to your followers and friends. My idea is to create a community of travellers to come together, discuss and share life lessons and knowledge, and encourage people to achieve more in their lives. BucketListly strikes the perfect balance between beauty and beast. The app is equipped with powerful tools for you to manage hundreds of goals while keeping it simple to use and pretty on the eyes. New changes: - New design all over - New features on the bucket list page such as tagging, privacy settings, rearrange feature, nearby search, filter etc. - Discussion board - New Achievement page design: new typography, all powered by AJAX, seamless pagination, related achievement etc. - New powerful search with the ability add goals right from the result - Visualize goals on maps - New Design for embeddable widgets - New Blog - New Landing Page I would love to hear your feedback! If you have any questions, do let me know. :)
@peachananr when I try to sign up on my laptop via your website Facebook sign up keeps failing to complete.
@alishaoutridge Thank you! I'll take a look!
@alishaoutridge Can you let me know what error you saw when you try to sign up via Facebook?
@peachananr great concept! Any plan for an Android version?
@peachananr not optimised for bigger iphone...
Cool! I made something similar called Everlist in the past, the biggest issue we faced was low daily usage, people just don't achieve a life goal very often. How do you combat that?
@jmsuth I have to agree with you Jon. App like BucketListly needs to either find a way to increase daily usage or be very patience. We are trying both, that's why we continue to experiment on features like Discussion board and the news feed, to keep people more active. We also are focussing on building a community around travelers and nomads first because they are likely to achieve life goals a lot more than other types of audience.
Congrats on the launch. Looks great Pete!
Beautiful app Pete, nicely done!
@ddrager Thank you man! It's been a while! :) Hope you are doing well!
Looks amazing!
@archiolidius Thank you Alexander!