Artist-designed footwear

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Hey all - loving the comments/suggestions. I'm one of the founders/ceo, and we are based in Chicago. Our mission is to connect people through art, so we're really passionate about having a different artist design every shoe and having a story behind each product. Please keep the feedback coming, super helpful!!
@raajanemani Sent an email on Thursday didn't get a response
Oooo, these are rad. Fox shoes, @nikkielizdemere!!!
Oh man I'm going to be spending too much at this place for sure.
I think this is a startup out of Chicago. I really like how they have artists design a limited number of shoes and can still offer it at an affordable price. You'll look much better wearing these than the Nikes that millions of other people have on. Plus you support the artist.
I say consider dropping the 10% off overlay that hits you right when you get to the site. I clicked through thinking, "This looks interesting, I like unique art based things." And then I'm hit with a popover telling me about a sale and then I'm thinking "Ugh, another online gimmick." To me, it instantly devalued it. I'm excited to by a unique product, I'm not thinking about saving 10%.