Upload pics and files to Amazon S3 directly from Slack

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Yuri ShmorgunMaker@yshmorgun · CTO, WiseStamp http://yurishmorgun.com/
Hi fellow uploaders! Introducing BucketBot, the bot that waits to upload your stuff to your Amazon S3 bucket directly from Slack. No third party clients, no switching windows, no more editing permissions in the S3 console. Simply drag n' drop your stuff on the bot and be rewarded with a public URL of your newly uploaded file - all that uploading-bacon-goodness without leaving the comfort of your Slack tab. BucketBot was built to give easy-peasy upload access for all team members (especially the non-technical ones) to your Amazon S3 buckets. Now designers, devs and marketers can upload files and pics directly to S3 and embed their files into landing pages, online presentations and use as direct download links harnessing the power and availability of S3. One click install, free 100 uploads/mo plan! I'm here to answer your questions :)
Anthony Stylianou@anthony_stylianou · Social Media Manager, CatchApp
Is that 100 free uploads per month regardless of size? And anything above 101+ is paid?
Yuri ShmorgunMaker@yshmorgun · CTO, WiseStamp http://yurishmorgun.com/
@anthony_stylianou Hi Anthony, great question! At the moment there's no limit on size, every upload, no matter the size counts as single upload. Anything above 100 uploads a month is paid.