Auto-scans travel suggestions to build your travel itinerary

Hi All, thanks for your support for Bucket (Likebucket.com), an innovative trip technology. We built this product to solve trip planning. What we saw people do when they plan trips was open 20 different tabs on a web browser and copy and paste ideas that were interesting to them into a word document. So they'd go to Tripadvisor and Frommer's, and copy and paste ideas that were personalized to them -- same thing for friend recommendations over Facebook or Email. The result, was that they had 4-5 different pages of all the things they wanted to do, but no good way to actually decide, and go. That's why we built Bucket. Bucket (Likebucket.com), parses free form text from any source (online or friends) and any device to create your own personalized trip plan. We extract the places, keep the context of the original post, and add all the information you would need (photos, ratings, reviews, where it is on a map) to decide and go. Think translating a site like Frommer's or a friend's email trip suggestions --> something that looks like an actionable Pinterest board in under a minute. We're in beta right now in Northern California. We'd love feedback and suggestions for features of where we should go next!
@julialam I love it! I happen to be planning a trip currently and this is gonna come in super helpful. Thank you!
@christinang89 @julialam No problem -- happy to help. Hope you enjoy using it and feel free to plan a trip together with friends.
@julialam "We're in beta right now in Northern California" what do you mean by in beta in North CA? Do you mean that it only works if you're traveling within California?
@_jacksmith You can add from any text source (online or friends) for locations within Northern California which is our core technology -- you should try that. Let's just say that we know travel is global so we're thinking about that and there are many more destinations coming soon. :)
Love this! Bucket is great for quickly curating lists of my favorite spots across NYC for my traveling friends to explore! Previously, I had to constantly look up my history in Foursquare, Twitter, Yelp, Swarm & Facebook Places when my friends asked for recommendations. Now, with Bucket, I can consolidate & reshare easily!
@alishaoutridge So glad you like it! We're pretty great for curating your lists and giving you all the information you need to easily decide and go.