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BucketListly Photos is a creative common collection of travel photos anyone can use for free (non commercial). Why Free? "As a photographer, my purpose is not to create beautiful or realistic photos, but to inspire others to travel." I truly believe that this is my purpose so my main goal is not to make money. I want to inspire people to visit these places I’ve been. Travel is the best education in the world and If I could play apart in inspiring people to travel, it would be through my photography.  Also, the Internet has given me so much that I think it is time for me to give back to the community that made my work/travel life possible. :)
@peachananr Absolutely fantastic idea. Over and above, inspiring people to travel, just doing something like this should inspire a lot of people to give back in their own way as well. Kudos!
@AnujAdhiya Thank you for the comment! Glad you like the idea. Personally, I don't consider myself as a photographer since I just do it for fun, but hopefully these photos will inspire someone out there. :)
There are enough stock photography hunts to afford it its own collection. Here are a few others: - Death to Stock Photo - Free monthly photo packs for creatives - The Stocks - the best royalty free stock photos in one place - Foap - Authentic royalty free stock photos - Gratisography - Free high-res stock photography (personal & commercial use) - Pexels - Free high quality photos you can use everywhere
@rrhoover Wow! Some of them, I never even heard about it before. Thanks man!
These are lovely, @peachananr! We'd love to feature some in Hitlist (hitlistapp.com, @hitlist_app, featured back in the early days of Product Hunt http://www.producthunt.com/posts...). The photos of Bagan in particular are spectacular. Any chance you'd be willing to submit some using upload.hitlistapp.com? (it's easier if you do it so that they can be easily geotagged correctly)
@gillianim Thank you Gillian! I'll definitely add a few of Bagan's photos to Hitlist. :)
@gillianim Great news. I've added 5 - 6 photos of Bagan and Mandalay, Myanmar to Hitlist. Hope you like them! :)
@peachananr thanks! The whole philosophy behind Hitlist is inspiring and enabling people to travel - these will certainly help.
This is gorgeous.
@nzieber Thank you for the comment Nick! Glad you like the photos! :)
@rrhoover Hunt all the photos! Thanks, Ryan