Buck Books

Never pay more than a buck for a book ever again

"Never pay more than a buck for a book ever again" - providing you're ok only reading the somewhat obscure collection of books that they have available it seems.
Great platform for book enthusiasts and self publishers
Added to my coupons and deals collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
Hey Jack, most of the titles are from self publishers but Buck Books has a selective process on what books make it on their list. You're definitely not going to get crap.
@hungvpham Well, maybe not crap, but of the five featured books for today, three are diet books - "Beat the Diet Trap", "The 10 day detox solution" and "Forever Fat Loss". Two are fiction, both seem to be self published (not that there isn't anything wrong with it as long as the authors know what they're doing.) If this is a relative sample of daily discounts, that's not impressive. Better off checking Kindle discounts every day. Or doing one of the monthly netflix like services where you can read anything for a monthly fee. Those services are finally starting to get enough books in the system that if I didn't get pretty much everything for free, I'd consider paying. In fact I have considered it for older books I don't request for review, but still want to read.