Automatically donate a buck to a good cause each month

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Extremely deceptive in that your landing page shows $1/mo and then the donation page shows $1.50/mo. Then finally when I donate, it says 'oh yeah, 50 cents goes to us for infrastrucutre/support costs.' And then you don't show me the 50 cents extra(half of the donation). Which puts you at approximately 18 cents in profit if you're using Stripe. Please clean up your messaging quickly.
@datarade Kumar I realize the deceptiveness, but be sure take a look at our FAQ http://www.buck.io/faq
@datarade So only 66% of my money actually goes to the cause. That seems shady.
Buck is a new experiment by @jsngr that allows you to automatically donate $1 to a new charity each month. Individually, $1/month won't make a huge impact on a donors life, but when adding all contributions together it may make a huge difference in the recipient's life. I love this simple approach to donating to good causes. Hopefully Buck will also be able to surface new and unique causes that may otherwise be mostly unheard of.
Great idea! Reminds me of http://goodst.org/
@shivkanthb and I built Buck just over this past weekend. Here's the backstory: https://medium.com/@jordansinger...
Is this a 503c? Seems like a for profit company to me...
@ryandetzel Hey Ryan. So Stripe takes about $0.34 for every transaction. And we din want to charge an awkward 1.34 every month. So we rounded it to $1.50 and the little 'extra' made every month is put back into buck. Every Donor as well as the receiving nonprofit/charity will receive an email of the exact numbers at the end of every month (after the donation is dispatched). Hope that clears the doubt :)