Discover products based on recommendations from influencers

Bubblehunt is the search system for users content: bookmarks, interesting resources, videos, products and any other data from web.

How to use

• Get results from hundreds tech&beauty bloggers

• Create knowledge base for your audience

• Get search engine for your bookmarks

• Collect and showcase your favorite products

• Get your personal AMA service

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Hi, I'm Vlad, CEO Bubblehunt and we're search engine company. We indexing youtube bloggers and make their data searchable and more profitable. Top opinion leaders are new information centers with thousands of recommendations. Right now in our system you can find more 100k handpicked goods & other content by hundreds top tech & beauty vloggers. @chrismessina hi, hope to get your feedback, because I think our product is a little bit similar to Molly :) @finkel and I think Bubblehunt is relevant to Jelly, but in our system we automatically indexing content selected by users and you don't need care about answers, you can save useful article and when your friend wants to ask you - he can ask via search line - all other work we do automatically, what you think about that? Friends, I know on ProductHunt is the best community - feel free to give us your feedback 😃
@vladislavkors similar, yes. This is more focused on product recommendations from influencers than creating a new kind of automated social profile. Molly's intention and purpose is therefore broader -- though could overlap with this if someone asks a question about a product recommendation. Also, unlike Bubblehunt, we reached out to and worked to onboard the profile owners rather than creating a profile on their behalf that was out of their control. I'm curious how important it is for Bubblehunt influencers to be actively engaged on the platform.
@chrismessina Yes, we focused on products because we plan earn money on partnerships with vloggers - they are new information centers and with us and our service their followers can find any useful content which they recommend: any article, product, video, apps and so on. But not only products. We automatically save all useful content and started from Youtube. Because I think this is more profitable platform. And we can also add Twitter, Facebook and other social network and sources in near future. And you plan save content from Twitter and Facebook too? Yes, control is very important and we have functions which help to transfer related profiles to their owners. We already did it with some bloggers.
Good start! Congrats
@ethnoza thank you, Aleh! :)
@vladislavkors @leleko_dmitry Are any Youtubers using this already? I can see some in the gallery but I can't see any on the site 🤔
@leleko_dmitry @amrith hi Amrith! We indexing bloggers and automatically generate marketplaces based on their recommendations. We save all their affiliate links and make their content more profitable. In our system right now more 100+ top bloggers and more 100k handpicked and reviewed goods.
Hi! Great idea! Wish you good luck!
@victor_semeniaka Thank you so much, Victor! :)
Great stuff! A useful and versatile product. Best of luck, team Bubblehunt!
@vovasanin Thank you so much, Vova! :)