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#2 Product of the WeekDecember 29, 2016


Elton Regs


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Gijo Varghese
Gijo Varghese@gijo_varghese
Good work! 42KB seems to be little high. It would be great if there is a feature to select the buttons we want and then download them as a package. Like the bootstrap customizer
Ganapati Bhat
Ganapati BhatMaker@ganapativs · Frontend Guy, Tech Lead @Tracxn. ❤ ⚽ 🎮 😍
@gijo_varghese Actually you can! You can hover on button box(In website), click on cloud icon to download single button. I'll try to add configurator soon.
Gijo Varghese
Gijo Varghese@gijo_varghese
@ganapativs Yeah, I saw that single button. Love to seen that configurator too. :)
Rob Race
Rob Race@rob__race · Founder of @standup_time & @GetRoadmaps
@gijo_varghese This was exactly my thought! A configurator would be perfect. Otherwise, this is a pretty awesome button pack. :)
kushagra gour
kushagra gour@chinchang457 · A creative Human!
Nice set of effects!
Rick Chen
Rick Chen@rick_chen1
Sweeet comes in handy!
Enrique Benitez
Enrique Benitez@bntzio · 🦄 Full-Stack Developer and Maker
Really nice! thanks! :D
Ganapati Bhat
Ganapati BhatMaker@ganapativs · Frontend Guy, Tech Lead @Tracxn. ❤ ⚽ 🎮 😍
bttn.css is trending💥💥💥 on @GitHub( Thank you for your stars 😍.