Every cryptocurrency explained for beginners ๐Ÿค‘ explains every cryptocurrency for beginners.

P.S. We are still in beta, and will continue to upgrade the site. Please let us know what features you like!

We are hiring for a lead developer, so please reach out if interested at

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Hello Product Hunters! We started after seeing a huge need for short, easy to digest and useful information on cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to have you understand a coin in one click, not in ten tabs. Curated information on 300 coins will be available soon, and it will keep growing. Check out our book on Amazon for the top 100 cryptocurrencies as well! We see one of the biggest hurdles to crypto mass adoption as the difficulty of understanding what exactly a coin does, succinctly. We want to solve this problem. Our site is in beta, but expect rapid improvements. Please feel free to give us constructive criticism for the changes you want!
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I like the fact that you have a book that goes with the app, @bstreet_dan @bill_lou :) What other ideas are you planning on to scale this as you shift out of beta?
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@bstreet_dan @amrith Thanks! We currently are actively researching more coins and adding descriptions. We are thinking of ways to make it easier for people read the short descriptions as they casually browse coins. People have been giving lots of good feedback on ways we can improve our website and make it friendlier to browse!
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Definitely a very useful guide!
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@tony_yujun_tan Thanks! Glad you liked it
Very nice. Would suggest price charts going Bach further than 1 month.
@rmagrino That is definitely one of the things we are currently building out for our website revisions. We wanted to roll out a quick product just to see if people enjoy the information.
I like the name. But I think you missed one S. Should be BS Street. Oh, wait, BStreet is more subtle. +1 Approve! โ€ฆ perfect name to explain all altcoins and scamtokens out there.
@ksaitor Hahahah, unintended but you're right! Although, we also want to help people discover the actual good projects being built in this space too
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