Messaging app where you write between the lines

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There's brand personality and then there's downright bad taste. I'm not liking the desperate attempt to be cool. It feels very much like a middle-aged father trying to talk lingo with his kids.
@itskathuria sorry if that offended you, was an inside joke with a friend who kindly helped us.
@guykak Inside jokes should be just that. This gives the company an extremely unprofessional look.
I'm not going to lie, the copy on this site is frustratingly confusing. I have no idea what the app does and the screenshots make it look like every other messaging app. Some products are just difficult to describe, but at least this video helps:
@rrhoover I've mentioned this to makers on several occasions (the important of a nice landing page that quickly and clearly gives the value proposition).
@rrhoover thanks for your comment - we'll definitely work on it. I guess "write between the lines" is not as clear as we thought and the video not as visible as it should :) Our users seem to describe Bryq as the app to "hide text within text"... which might be way better.
@rrhoover First thing i thought. I have no idea what it does. I found the video not helpful at all, and actually kind of annoying. There's a "How Does it Work" video on the about page that actually is useful and helpful. Not sure why you didn't put that on the homepage?
@rrhoover @JeremyZ123 thanks for the feedback - we wanted a video that shows the usage and is a bit more inspiring that a raw demo of the features. Looks like we might to re-think that.
@rrhoover @JeremyZ123 @guykak I'm confused. So what is this exactly
Hard to understand how it works but when it's done, it's really interesting :) Good luck ;)
"this sucks big time" - anonymous haha
hey, I am Guy, founder of Bryq - looking forward to your comments & insults :)