Brydge Keyboard for iPad

Designed to blur the lines between MacBook's and iPad's

Perfect for those who want to use the iPad as their primary device. The Pro keyboards are designed to blur the lines between MacBook and iPad like never before.
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While somewhat ironic (why not just buy a MacBook?), the flexibility of a keyboard + trackpad and iPad touchscreen is a nice combo. cc @jtzou
@rrhoover With nearly everything accessible in the cloud these days + iPadOS, this is a more compelling solution than ever. Love that they thought through all the viewing angle use cases + included I/O. Will keep this in mind if/when I upgrade to the new iPad Pro 🤜🏻🤛🏻
@jtzou @rrhoover I feel that the Macbook Pro and iPad Pro have very different entry level price points and target audiences which makes the iPadOS with Keyboard..(and mouse?) a very reasonable solution for most that cannot afford both a $1500+ Mac and then an iPad alongside that. I cant see myself replacing my MB Pro with an iPad but i certainly do find myself using it close to double the amount I was prior to adding this Brydge Keyboard (thank you Screentime for showing me this)
Browing for a replacement keyboard when I had lost my original, I came across​ what would soon become my new favorite accessory, the Brydge 12.9 PRO,​ Wireless USB-C-Bluetooth Keyboard. It really makes the iPad look and feels much more like your regular Macbook / Macbook Pro laptop. Without a trackpad though, I still find the Ipad to be a significantly less efficient​ way for me to do my computing work. FOr leisure its the cream of the crop. Well done @brydgetech 👏