Rented moving boxes delivered.

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Hello Product Hunters - I’m excited to have Brute Box featured! Brute Box Moving is changing the way people move by providing a low cost and convenient alternative to cardboard. We rent industrial-strength reusable moving boxes that we deliver to more than 75 cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brute Boxes have an integrated lid, which means no messy tape or assembly required and when you’re done moving, there is no recycling mess. I started Brute Box in 2014 to make moving more efficient and cost less for everyone. With almost 10 years in supply chain management, where plastic totes are commonplace, and a history of numerous frustrating cardboard box moves, I was inspired to help others move easier and cheaper, with less of an environmental impact. Have any feedback or questions? Post them below! Thanks – Adam
Hey Adam, I loved this Idea and looks like you are only in Bay Area. Are there any plans to cover more area? Are you looking for partnership? Who is the best partner for you?